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Access to Oracle FAQ

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This page exposes the most frequently asked questions about MS Access to Oracle converter. If some question is not answered here, contact to Intelligent Converters team using Feedback Form

What kind of database objects are migrated from MS Access to Oracle server?
Access to Oracle database migration tool converts table definitions with the related attributes, records, indexes, relationships between tables and queries. It does not convert forms, embedded functions that are not complied with ANSI standard of SQL and Visual Basic scripts. Demo version of the program has extra restrictions: it converts only 50 records per table and does not convert relationships between tables.
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Does Access to Oracle converter require ODBC drivers?
No, the application does not require ODBC drivers. . It connects directly to the source and target databases in order to achieve the highest performance of the conversion process.
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What are the system requirements for Access to Oracle database conversion tool?
The product works on Windows XP (SP2 or SP3 is required), Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7/8/10. Also, it requires the corresponding version of Microsoft Access or Access Runtime installed. Oracle components are not required.
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Does MS Access to Oracle converter support automation?
The product does not have built-in support for automation. However, it is supplied with console version a2oagent.exe that accepts command line arguments and can be called from any script. In order to schedule the conversion, it is necessary to create batch script and execute it recurrently using Windows Task Scheduler. Read Command line article of the product documentation to learn more about a2oagent.exe.
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What versions of Microsoft Access and Oracle are supported?
The product supports wide range of MS Access versions starting from MS Access 97 and up to MS Access 2016. Also it works with all versions of Oracle including Amazon RDS and other cloud variations of the DBMS.
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How to fix the error: "The file does not comply with MS Access workgroup information file format"?
This error mostly appears when the name of Microsoft Access database file (.mdb, .accdb) is entered into wrong box on "User-level Security Settings" wizard page. That page is designed to specify MS Access workgroup information file (*.mdw). If the source database is not protected with user-level security, keep all fields on "User-level Security Settings" page empty. The name of Microsoft Access database must be entered on "Select Databases" wizard page.
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How to rename column in the resulting Oracle table?
It is possible to change column name through converting the corresponding table as result of SELECT-query. To use this feature click "Add Query" button on "Select tables" wizard page and compose the appropriate query. Read Using Queries article for the further information.
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How to change the target table name?
You can convert contents of the table as result of SELECT-query with custom name. Click "Add Query" button on "Select tables" wizard page and create simple query as follows:

SELECT * FROM <table name>

Then store the query with desired name and it will be converted in Oracle format as if it is a regular table.
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How to proceed with the error "Cannot recognize MS Access database format..."?
One possible reason of the error is that specified .mdb or .accdb file is not a valid MS Access database or it has been corrupted. Try to open it in Microsoft Access to make sure the file is valid.

Another reason is missing appropriate Microsoft Data Access (DAO) libraries on the system. Access to Oracle database converter uses this library to read the source database. In this situation it is recommended to install Microsoft Access Runtime as it contains correct version of DAO libraries:

NOTE: if you have MS Office or Access 64-bit installation, it is required to install 64-bit version of Access Runtime. Otherwise, you have to download 32-bit versions of Access Runtime. If the error persists, contact Intelligent Converters support service.
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Do I need 32- or 64-bit version of the product?
The answer depends on what version of Microsoft Access or Office you have. For 32-bit version it is required to install 32-bit version of Access to Oracle converter. Otherwise, 64-bit version of the product is necessary.
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How to uninstall Access to Oracle migration tool?
If you need to remove the converter, use "Add or Remove Programs" option of the Windows Control Panel.
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