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Intelligent Converters assisted thousands of customers with their database migration projects ranged from small Microsoft Access driven applications to large and complicated corporate data warehouses. Our specialists handled full lifecycle migrations as well as script or application conversions only. Below is the partial list of implemented projects:

Digital payments processor - migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

Migration from MS SQL to PostgreSQL for online gaming company. Key features:

Migration from Microsoft SQL to MySQL for air traffic controller. Key features:

Medical insurance system - migration from MS Access to MySQL+PHP.

Turn-key database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL for cargo tracking company.

Migration of MS Access database to MySQL+PHP for GAS service company. Particularities of the project:

Oracle/SQL Server/PostgreSQL/MySQL cross-database schema manipulation tool based on DACPAC format as universal schema description. Key features:

Complete migration of large medical center's database from SQL Server to PostgreSQL including stored procedures/functions, triggers and views.