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Using Queries

Most of Intelligent Converters database migration tools allow filtering data during the conversion process. This feature is implemented through SELECT-queries. It is also possible to modify table structures (change field name, order of fields, add or remove columns, etc) using SELECT-queries.

The following examples are provided to illustrate how to use queries for particular purposes. Queries are composed according Microsoft Access dialect of SQL. The same is applied to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and other RDBMS with minor modification of queries. Assume that we have table "Table1" as below:

	ID Integer, 
	FName Text(50),
	LName Text(50), 
	Birthday Date, 
	Notes Memo

Example 1. Convert certain records.

    SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE ID > 1000

Example 2. Choose and rename columns.

    SELECT FName as FirstName, LName as LastName FROM Table1

Example 3. Skip records containing NULL values.

    SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE not isnull(Notes)

You can add queries on "Select Tables" wizard page via "Add Query" button.

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