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Scheduling Database Converters

Intelligent Converters software does not have scheduling capabilities, but it supports command line and so can be automated using Windows Task Scheduler. Let's consider step-by-step process of creating scheduled conversion task on Access-to-MySQL example:

  1. create batch file calling command line version of Access-to-MySQL (A2SAGENT.EXE) with all necessary parameters. You can find more details about it in 'Command Line' article of the product's documentation.
  2. launch Windows Task Scheduler
  3. in 'Actions' tab on the right select 'Create Basic Task'
  4. in the appeared dialog box set up time of scheduling, select action 'Start A Program' and specify full path to the batch file you've created

NOTE: if you operate with network connections or shared resources, do not forget to activate "Start only if the following network connection is available" checkbox on "Conditions" tab: