Database Migration Service

Database migration project is like a well-tailored suit: there is no perfect solution suitable for all. Sometimes it is not possible to automate database conversion due to particular incompatibility of source data and the destination format. Sometimes migration task is too complicated to be automated: for example conversion of stored procedures and functions. Such problems should be resolved manually since it may affect to the database logic.

When you may need to use Intelligent Converters data migration service:

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What we do

Intelligent Converters team can implement database migration and synchronization between the most popular databases management systems or SAAS platforms:

Also, each of these databases can be exported into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and comma separate values (.CSV) format. Moreover, specialists of Intelligent Converters can convert stored procedures, triggers and views between those DBMS preserving the logic in the database.


Extensive skills in database conversion field allow to guarantee that our customers will get comprehensive service and high quality results at very reasonable price. If a customer is not 100% satisfied with results of the data conversion service, the purchase will be refunded. In this case customer may be asked to prepare evidence of the problem that has not been solved by Intelligent Converters team.


Intelligent Converters team has provided products and services for thousands of customers around the world ranging from some of the world's largest companies and institutions to small business and individuals (see partial list of our customers on About Us page). So you can trust that your data will be in very safe hands. If you need more guaranties, we can sign Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you give us any data for converting.


Every database migration project is a special one, so it is not possible to estimate the price without having at least basic details about it. For now we can tell that the price depends on the project's complexity, volume of data to convert, number of triggers, views and stored procedures. Fill out the form below to get quote for particular migration service applying to your situation:

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