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Latest version 4.3 released 11/23/2015

DBF-to-MySQL is a program to migrate FoxPro (*.dbf) databases to MySQL, MariaDB and Percona server. The program has high performance due to direct connection to source and destination databases (it does not use ODBC or any other middleware software). Command line support allows to script, automate and schedule the conversion process.

  • All formats of FoxPro data and MEMO files are supported
  • All versions of Linux/Unix and Windows MySQL servers are supported
  • High performance due to direct connection to source and destination databases (the program does not use ODBC or any other middleware software)
  • Option to customize resulting table structure
  • Special approach for Virtual Server users
  • Support for large .dbf files (4GB+)
  • Option to merge DBF data into an existing MySQL database
  • Option to export DBF data into MySQL dump file
  • All FoxPro encodings are supported
  • Verified compatibility with MariaDB and Percona 
  • Stores conversion settings into profile
  • Quick Launch
  • Command line support
  • Easy-to-use wizard-style interface
  • Full install/uninstall support
  • Unlimited 24/7 support service
  • 1-year subscription for updates


  • Does not convert indexes
  • Demo version converts only 5 records per table


Download trial version of DBF-to-MySQL

Virtual Server users option

If you are using Virtual Server hosting you probably have no sufficient privileges to create new databases on the target MySQL server. For this case we recommend the following approach:

  1. ask your Virtual Server administrator to create blank database for you
  2. run DBF-to-MySQL and select this database as the conversion target
  3. click "Yes" when you will be asked if you'd like to overwrite existing MySQL database

When you complete these steps, the entire contents of the source MS Access database will be imported into the specified MySQL database.

I needed to convert an old dBase III database to something more modern like MySQL. While looking at individual .dbf files, changing each one to something I could understand, or move, just to then import into MySQL was certainly an option, but I not a task anyone would look forward to. Instead I came across Intelligent Converters products and thought, "it may not be perfect, not that this price, but maybe I'll get part of the conversion done, and I can do the rest some other way." What I didn't expect was a tool that rapidly converts the files for me, completely. Eliminating my need to do anything extra. This product is awesome. I'm glad I bought the conversion kit, because there are other databases I need to change to MySQL, and I can't wait to make easy work of those. This converter is such a welcome surprise. I did have some issues in the beginning, I think due to a bad download - because after some excellent support (again for the price I paid for the converter MUCH MUCH better than I anticipated.) What type of support did I get? Let me tell you, I never got a canned response, I got someone who cared not only about their product working, but cared if I got a working output file. Awesome support! -- If you're on the fence, not sure if this is the right solution, I'm telling you it probably is, step on over. You'll likely be as happy as I am
Christian Glahn, incrediblySmart LLC
Austin Texas USA

MySQL dump file

DBF-to-MySQL converter allows users to perform deferred conversion and get more control over the process. Following this way, the program stores the contents of the source database into a local dump file instead of moving it to MySQL server directly. The resulting file contains MySQL statements to create all tables and to fill them with the data. Click here to learn how to import dump file into MySQL database.

Customize table structure

Manual table structure customization can be accessed by double click on the correspoding table name in "Selected tables" list of "Step 4 of 6" wizard page. This will cause the following dialog box to appear:

To customize type mapping select the appropriate item in the listview on the left and specify new name, type and default value for the field using "Field info" group of controls. Please note that listview on the left contains column attributes of the original types mapping, new custom types and attributes will be displayed in "Field info" controls when the corresponding item is highlighted in the listview.

Quick Lauch

Once you stored conversion settings into profile you can run the program in Quick Launch mode. Just launch Windows Explorer and double-click on the profile description (.d2s) file with left mouse button. This will cause DBF-to-MySQL wizard to launch conversion loading the necessary settings from the specified profile. Then you will be taken right to the screen with progress of conversion without entering all conversion settings.

I was in need of a utility to convert my old DBF data into MySQL when I stumbled upon Intelligent Converters. I'm very glad I did! They had just the right utility I needed at just the right price. And even better - when I noticed something about the conversion that I wanted changed, they were quick to respond to my emails and gave me great personal service. I will be recommending them to anyone else who needs data conversion of all kinds. Great job!
Joe Pirola
Spring Hill, FL, USA

Try before you buy

Still not sure the program fits your needs? Try free demo version with limited features. It will allow you to convert only five records for each database table. Test the quality of the demo and come back to place an order if satisfied with the results.

Download trial version of DBF-to-MySQL


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