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History of changes for DBF to MySQL converter

v6.1 01/08/2024
	- support for Database Container (DBC) files
	- support for MySQL v8.2+ authentication protocol 

v5.5 02/05/2020 - 64-bit version is available, 32-bit version is not updated anymore - support for recent MySQL authentication protocol

v5.3 06/11/2018 - workaround for MySQL 8.0 password hashing - fix: improved reading int/float values

v5.1 12/25/2017 - support for '0'-type - DBase7 timestamp support - fix: case sensitive file names

v4.5 05/08/2017 - option to specify MySQL charset and engine type - logfile in GUI version - improved support for FoxBase format

v4.3 11/23/2015 - verified compatibility with MariaDB and Percona - enhanced types customization - fix: encoding in memo fields

v4.1 10/07/2013 - option to customize field mapping (modify name, type, default values for every column) - support for large .dbf files (4GB+) - updated help and UI

v3.7 03/20/2013 - support for dBASE Level 7 format - new installer and digital certificate - misc. bugfixes

v3.5 01/17/2011 - support multiple encodings of .dbf files - updated help - updated installer

v3.3 08/02/2010 - support for MySQL v6.x - algorithm of fast appeding data to MySQL database - store conversion settings into profile

v3.1 05/18/2008 - new command line parameters "log_file" and "silent" - support for Visual FoxPro auto-increment enabled tables - bugfix: correct conversion of non-ANSI characters

v2.3 05/29/2006 - bugfix: correct conversion of datetime fields - bugfix: correct processing .fpt memo file

v2.1 09/27/2005 - new graphics - new MySQL authentication protocol is supported - option to avoid converting records marked as deleted

v1.5 07/26/2005 - new installer - option to process all .dbf files in a single folder

v1.3 05/23/2005 - improved support of Visual FoxPro 3.1 memo files - bugfix: correct conversion of empty tables

v1.1 04/08/2005 - bugfix: correct conversion of fields larger than 255 bytes - "convert table definitions only" option - "skip converting indexes" option

v1.0 03/28/2005 - initial version