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This page exposes the most frequently asked questions about FoxPro to MySQL converter. If there is no answer for your question, please contact support team of Intelligent Converters via Feedback Form

What kind of FoxPro data is converted to MySQL?
DBF to MySQL database migration tool converts table definitions with all necessary attributes and the data. All FoxPro data types are supported (including all types of memo objects). The program does not convert indexes. Demo version of the product converts only 50 records per table.
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What are the system requirements for DBF to MySQL conversion tool?
The program works on Windows XP (SP2 or SP3 is required), Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7/8/10. Other OS are not supported. DBF to MySQL converter exports FoxPro data from .dbf files and migrates it to MySQL server directly. The product does not use 3rd party software, ODBC drivers or any other middleware libraries.
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How can I change column type in the resulting MySQL database?
You can change column type in the resulting MySQL database using table structure customization.
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What kinds of FoxPro formats and MySQL versions are supported?
DBF to MySQL database conversion tool works with DBase III, DBase III Plus, DBase IV, DBase Level 5 and Level 7. The program supports SMT, FPT and DBT formats of MEMO files. Also, all versions of Windows and Unix/Linux MySQL are supported.
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Does FoxPro to MySQL converter support automation?
The product does not support automation directly. However, there is console version d2sagent.exe in the installation directory. It supports command line arguments and can be called from any script. So, it is possible to write a simple batch script and execute it recurrently using Windows Task Scheduler. Refer to 'Command line' article of the product documentation to learn more about d2sagent.exe.
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How can I rename column in the resulting MySQL database?
It is possible to rename column or to change data type using table structure customization.
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How to bypass error "The program does not support authentication protocol requested by server..."
MySQL 4.1.0 uses the authentication protocol based on a password hashing algorithm that is incompatible with that used by DBF to MySQL migration tool. Use OLD_PASSWORD function to make the certain account compatible with FoxPro to MySQL converter. Login to MySQL server with administrator privileges and run the following queries:

    mysql> USE mysql;
    mysql> UPDATE user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD('some_pass')
        -> WHERE Host = 'some_host' AND User = 'some_user';
Of course, you should place actual values instead of 'some_pass', 'some_host' and 'some_user'. Now you can use 'some_user' account with DBF to MySQL converter.
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It is possible to connect to MySQL over SSH?
Yes, DBF to MySQL database migration tool supports SSH connection to MySQL server. Please refer to this article for the further information.
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How to specify certain tables (.dbf files) to convert in the command line version of DBF to MySQL converter (d2sagent.exe)?
The application interprets folder as a database while .dbf files are tables. So, you should point to the folder with .dbf files to convert via '--src=...' parameter like this:

d2sagent.exe --src="c:\my dbf folder\"
Then you can specify certain .dbf file(s) to convert via parameter '--tab_file=...' that points to the file containing list of .dbf files WITHOUT extension (one name per line). For example:
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How to uninstall FoxPro to MySQL conversion tool?
If you need to remove the product from your computer, use "Add or Remove Programs" option in the Windows Control Panel.
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