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How to Install on Linux

Intelligent Converters software is designed for running on Windows platforms. However, it can be used on Linux via WINE. WINE is the Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer that allows to run Windows products on Linux-family OS.

WINE installation

Let us consider how to install WINE on Ubuntu. Installation for another versions of Linux is described on the official site

1. Go to Ubuntu Software Center

2. Search for WINE, highlight the appropriate item and then click "Install" button.

WINE installation packs for other Linux versions can be found at

Installation of Intelligent Converters software

1. Download the application that you need from Intelligent Converters website and locate it in the downloads folder.

2. Click .exe file to install the application carefully follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

Where is my application?

The most easy way to locate the application installed in WINE is to search by name. Click on the search button and begin to enter program's name, for example "Access-to-MySQL":

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