OraDump Export API

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Latest version 5.1 released 03/04/2019

OraDump Export API is a library for software developers who would like to integrate functionality of OraDump Export Kit into their applications. It exposes COM interfaces to export data from Oracle dump file into most popular formats.

  • Converts Oracle dump files into MS Access format
  • Converts Oracle dump files into CSV (comma separated values)
  • Converts Oracle dump files into MS Excel format
  • Migrates Oracle dump files to MS SQL server
  • Migrates Oracle dump files to MySQL server
  • Option to convert individual tables
  • Option to write into log file
  • Easy programming interface (see working Visual Basic sample on the screenshot)
  • Unlimited 24/7 support service
  • 1-year subscription for updates


  • Does not convert views
  • Does not convert columns having user-defined types
  • Does not convert stored procedures and triggers

Try before you buy

There is no demo version of OraDump Export API available. However, you can test the same capabilities of end-user product OraDump Export Kit. Free demo version of the product will allow you to convert only 50 records for each database table, all other features are in place. Test the quality of the demo and come back to place an order if satisfied with the results.

Download trial version of OraDump Export Kit

Free subscription for updates

As every Intelligent Converters product, OraDump Export API is supplied with one year subscription for updates. It means that you will receive new versions of OraDump Export API for free within one year. Moreover, you will receive all new utilities for migration from Oracle dump file that will be released during your subscription period.


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