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MySQL to Excel FAQ

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On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions regarding MySQL-to-Excel converter. If your question is not answered here, please contact us via Feedback Form

What kind of MySQL data is converted into Microsoft Excel format?
MySQL-to-Excel converts MySQL tables into MS Excel worksheets: each record becomes a row, each field becomes a cell. It does not convert MySQL indexes, foreign keys, views and triggers because there is no equivalent in Microsoft Excel.
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Does MySQL-to-Excel require ODBC or any other middleware software?
No, MySQL-to-Excel does not require ODBC drivers or any other middleware. The database converter connects to data source and destination directly and this is the reason of its high performance.
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What versions of MySQL are supported?
MySQL-to-Excel works with all versions of MySQL running on Linux/Unix/Windows platforms.
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How can I rename column name in the resulting MS Excel spreadsheet during the conversion process?
You can modify column name converting contents of the corresponding table as result of SELECT-query. See Filtering data during the conversion article for the further information.
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Does MySQL-to-Excel support automation?
MySQL-to-Excel converter does not support automation directly. However, there is console version of the program s2xagent.exe in the installation directory. It supports command line arguments and can be called from any script. So, it is possible to write a simple batch script and execute it recurrently using Windows Task Scheduler. Please refer to 'Command line' article of the product documentation to learn more about a2sagent.exe.
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It is possible to connect to MySQL over SSH with MySQL-to-Excel?
Yes, MySQL-to-Excel supports SSH connection to MySQL server. Please refer to this article for the further information.
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How to change destination table name?
You can convert contents of the table as result of SELECT-query with custom name. Click "Add Query" button on "Select tables" wizard page and compose simple query as follows:

SELECT * FROM <original table name>

Then store it with the name you wish to assign. Of course, you need to place actual MySQL table name in the query above.
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How to bypass error "The program does not support authentication protocol requested by server..."
MySQL 4.1.0 uses the authentication protocol based on a password hashing algorithm that is incompatible with that used by MySQL-to-Excel. You can use OLD_PASSWORD function to make the certain account compatible with MySQL-to-Excel. Login to MySQL server with administrator privileges and run the following queries:

    mysql> USE mysql;
    mysql> UPDATE user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD('some_pass')
        -> WHERE Host = 'some_host' AND User = 'some_user';
Of course, you should place actual values instead of 'some_pass', 'some_host' and 'some_user'. Now you can use 'some_user' account with MySQL-to-Excel.
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How to uninstall MySQL-to-Excel converter?
If you need to remove MySQL-to-Excel product from your computer, you can use "Add or Remove Programs" option in the Windows Control Panel. If this option is not available for some reason, you can call uninstall procedure running the following command line from the installation folder:

UNWISE.EXE sql2xls.log

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