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MySQL to SQL Server FAQ

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On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions regarding MySQL-to-MSSQL converter. If your question is not answered here, please contact us via Feedback Form

What kind of MySQL data is converted to MS SQL?
MySQL-to-MSSQL converts table definitions with all necessary attributes, records, indexes, foreign keys and views. It does not convert stored procedures and triggers. Demo version converts only 50 records per table and does not convert foreign keys.
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What versions of MySQL are supported?
MySQL-to-MSSQL works with all versions of MySQL.
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What versions of Microsoft SQL are supported?
MySQL-to-MSSQL works with all versions of MS SQL including Azure SQL.
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Does MySQL-to-MSSQL support automation?
MySQL-to-MSSQL converter does not support automation directly. However, there is console version of the program s2magent.exe in the installation directory. It supports command line arguments and can be called from any script. So, it is possible to write a simple batch script and execute it recurrently using Windows Task Scheduler. Please refer to Command line article to learn more about s2magent.exe.
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How to specify custom MS SQL port (other than 1433)?
You can specify custom port on 'Step 2 of 6' wizard page in 'MS SQL Server' field as follows:

where 1234 is the custom port.
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Does MySQL-to-MSSQL require MS SQL server installation?
MySQL-to-MSSQL requires MS SQL environment (server or client components of MS SQL must be installed on the same machine where you run MySQL-to-MSSQL from).
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How to change destination table name?
You can convert contents of the table as result of SELECT-query with custom name. Click "Add Query" button on "Select tables" wizard page and compose simple query as follows:

SELECT * FROM <original table name>

Then store it with the name you wish to assign. Of course, you need to place actual MySQL table name in the query above.
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It is possible to connect to MySQL over SSH with MySQL-to-MSSQL?
Yes, MySQL-to-MSSQL supports SSH connection to MySQL server. Please refer to this article for the further information.
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How to bypass error "The program does not support authentication protocol requested by server..."
MySQL 4.1.0 uses the authentication protocol based on a password hashing algorithm that is incompatible with that used by MySQL-to-MSSQL. You can use OLD_PASSWORD function to make the certain account compatible with MySQL-to-MSSQL. Login to MySQL server with administrator privileges and run the following queries:

    mysql> USE mysql;
    mysql> UPDATE user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD('some_pass')
        -> WHERE Host = 'some_host' AND User = 'some_user';
Of course, you should place actual values instead of 'some_pass', 'some_host' and 'some_user'. Now you can use 'some_user' account with MySQL-to-MSSQL.
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How to proceed with error "ITransaction::Commit or ITransaction::Abort was called, and object is in a zombie state"?
This message means that generic error occurred during the conversion process. More detailed diagnostics is not possible because the program converts multiple records per transaction. In order to further investigate the issue you need to send detailed description of the problem via Bug Submission Form
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How to resolve error "CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'"
This error means that you do not have sufficient permissions to create databases on destination MS SQL server. To fix it you need to login with administrator's privileges and run the following statement:

If you cannot login with administrator's privileges, ask your database administrator to do this for you.
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How to uninstall MySQL-to-MSSQL converter?
If you need to remove MySQL-to-MSSQL product from your computer, you can use "Add or Remove Programs" option in the Windows Control Panel.
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