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Configuring SQL Server for Intelligent Converters

SQL Server allows three options of connection: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and PIPE. However, Intelligent Converters software can only connect to SQL Server through TCP/IP protocol. So, make sure it is enabled through SQL Server Configuration Manager as follows:

  1. start SQL Server Configuration Manager
  2. navigate to SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for [SQL Server instance name]
  3. if TCP/IP is disabled, double-click on it and change status in the appeared dialog box
  4. in case of any changes, restart the server instance through SQL Server Management Studio

If SQL Server is running on another machine, it must allow remote connections. See How to enable remote connections in SQL Server article for more details.

If SQL Server is configured on a custom port (other than 1433), it is possible to specify port on "Connect to SQL Server" wizard page in "SQL Server" field as follows: Sql_server_name,1234

In case there is no connection make sure that SQL Server is running:

If you still can not connect, check the firewall settings.

If you are connecting to Azure SQL, see How to connect to Azure SQL article for related information.

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