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 what's new

DBF-to-PostgreSQL, a program to convert FoxPro/DBase databases to PostgreSQL, has been released.
New version of MSSQL-to-MySQL has been released with improved support for XML type, options to specify MySQL table type and charset.
New versions of Postgres Migration Tookit, Postgres-to-MySQL and Postgres-to-Oracle have been released with improved support for schemas, default values, "pure" time and many other improvements.
New version of MySQL Migration Toolkit has been released with custom types mapping, option to export into T-SQL script and many other improvements.
DBF-to-Access, a program to convert FoxPro/DBase databases into Microsoft Access format, has been released.
New version of Oracle Migration Toolkit enhanced with Oracle-to-Postgres, support for Oracle 12c and many other features has been released.
New version of Oracle-to-Excel with support for Oracle 12c and Microsoft Excel 2010/2012 formats has been released.
New version of DBF-to-Oracle with option to customize the destination table structures and support for encoding in MEMO fields has been released.
New version of Oracle-to-MSSQL with support for Oracle 12c and option to export data into T-SQL script has been released.
New version of DBF-to-MySQL with enhanced types mapping and support for encoding in MEMO fields has been released.
New version of Oracle-to-Postgres with support for Oracle 12c, important fix in data synchronization and option to write into log file has been released.
PDF-to-Text OCR, a program to convert scanned PDF files into text format, has been released. This product implements optical character recognition.
New version of PDF-to-XML with support for all Unicode languages of PDF files has been released.
New version of Oracle-to-MySQL with support for Oracle 12c and improved handling of possible conversion errors has been released.
New version of PDF-to-Excel with storing conversion settings into profile and Quick Launch has been released.
New version of Excel-to-MySQL with enhanced types customization and verified compatibility with MariaDB, Percona has been released.
New version of OraDump-to-MSSQL with features to customize types mapping, select certain columns to convert and export data into T-SQL script file has been released.
New version of OraDump-to-Excel with native support for Microsoft Excel 2010 (.xlsx) format has been released.
Microsoft has cancelled support of Visual FoxPro after 1/13/2015
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