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Multi-threading Database Migration

Database migration software produced by Intelligent Converters is always focused on high performance of the migration. This goal is achieved by using the most efficient low-level techniques of reading and writing data. Instead of delegating all data manipulations to generic APIs like ODBC, the tools incorporate capabilities of native libraries for every DBMS:

To further increase performance of database migration tools, specialists of Intelligent Converters developed smart multi-threading algorithm of reading and writing data. It is applied to migration of medium and large size tables having more than 100,000 rows. The main benefit of the technique is self-configuring or in other words, capability to set up all parameters automatically depending on hardware platform. For example, volume of single transaction is configured based on available memory and concurrent threads are set up based on number of physical CPU cores.

Implementation of this approach increased performance of migration in more than 4 times. For instance, recent benchmarks of MySQL to PostgreSQL converter indicate performance improvement from 120 MB per minute (before implementation of multi-threading algorithm) to more than 500MB per minute (after implementation) on Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12650H 2.30 GHz system with 32GB RAM.