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The end of Microsoft FoxPro

Microsoft announced that extended support of Visual FoxPro has been cancelled after 1/13/2015. It means that there will be no new patches or updates for FoxPro to provide support for future operating system and hardware anymore. Although FoxPro is not obsolete after January 2015, companies shouldn't rely on a discontinued product due to safety and reliability reasons.

Microsoft stated "Customers are highly encouraged to move to a supported product as soon as possible", but the businesses should not be alarmed by this fact at all. There are lots of alternative for this DBMS. FoxPro customers can now move their data to other database formats such as MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server. However, it is important to understand that none of other programming languages and tools is exactly like FoxPro. That's why FoxPro code requires significant effort to be rewritten with a new programming tool.

What is the best alternative to Visual FoxPro?

Intelligent Converters specialists advise converting to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET with SQL Server as back-end data storage. There are multiple benefits of this approach:

  1. .NET allows to create both desktop and browser-based applications
  2. .NET is the most popular Microsoft development solution, there are many high skilled professionals working with it
  3. SQL Server is one of the most popular database systems
  4. SQL Server is highly reliable, secure and scalable
  5. SQL Server is available as free version with basic features for small businesses (Express) and paid version having maximum capacity for huge corporate databases (Enterprise)

No matter what database system is the destination of FoxPro migration, Intelligent Converters provides tool to migrate data from FoxPro to every popular DBSM:

FoxPro to MySQL
FoxPro to Oracle
FoxPro to PostgreSQL
FoxPro to SQL Server

If you need complete solution to convert Visual FoxPro project into .NET or another development environment please send query from Data Migration Service page