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History of changes for MySQL Migration Toolkit

v8.5 02/12/2024
	- support for MySQL v8.2+ authentication protocol 
	- spatial data (geometry, point) is migrated in MySQL-to-PostgreSQL
        - option to specify SQL Server schema in MSSQL-to-MySQL
	- intelligent validation of privileges on source and target databases

v8.3 12/05/2022 - improved support for calculated and attachment columns in Access-to-MySQL - support for views and improved processing default values in Firebird-to-MySQL - option to select Oracle schema in Oracle-to-MySQL - SSL connection for PostgreSQL is supported in MySQL-to-PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL-to-MySQL

v8.1 05/10/2021 - 64-bit version is available, 32-bit version is not updated anymore - support for latest PostgreSQL authentication protocol - options to create PostgreSQL tables logged/unlogged and to switch between INSERT/COPY when writing into PostgreSQL database in MySQL-to-PotgreSQL - improved support for Unicode in MySQL-to-Access, MySQL-to-DB2, MySQL-to-MSSQL, MySQL-to-Oracle, MySQL-to-PostgreSQL and MySQL-to-Excel

v7.5 03/30/2020 - acc2sql does not require MS Access installation - all MySQL related tools support the recent MySQL authentication protocol - table customization in pgs2sql (option to modify name, type and other attributres of any table column) - option to specify PostgreSQL schema in sql2pgs - improved support for PostgreSQL v12 in pgs2sql and sql2pgs

v7.3 06/11/2018 - piecewise writing to MySQL database and dump file (big data support) - workaround for MySQL 8.0 password hashing - option to reorder views to preserve dependencies in all converters that support views - improved support for relationship (attributes) and def.values for date/time columns in Access-to-MySQL - improved processing BLOBs in MySQL-to-Oracle and PostgreSQL-to-MySQL - improved type mapping for boolean, decimal and datetime in SQLite-to-MySQL

v7.1 01/08/2018 - new Firebird-to-MySQL converter - DBase7 timestamp support in DBF-to-MySQL - support for Oracle 12.2 in Oracle-to-MySQL and MySQL-to-Oracle

v6.5 05/08/2017 - support for 'attachment' type and column description for Access-to-MySQL - verified Heroku support for MySQL-to-PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL-to-MySQL - option to specify MySQL table type and MySQL charset in each tool - support for views in MySQL-to-PostgreSQL - MySQL-to-MSSQL supports functions having no direct equivalent in MS SQL (like date_format and timediff) in views - option to filter data via SELECT-queries and correct schema processing for PostgreSQL-to-MySQL v6.3 03/14/2016 - custom types mapping in Oracle-to-MySQL, Excel-to-MySQL and DBF-to-MySQL - support for large (4GB+) .dbf files in DBF-to-MySQL - support for MS Excel 2007/2010 format in MySQL-to-Excel - improved support of XMLTYPE, SDO_GEOMETRY and TIMESTAMP(3) types in Oracle-to-MySQL - option to export into T-SQL script file in MySQL-to-MSSQL

v6.1 09/16/2013 - support for Azure SQL in MSSQL-to-MySQL and MySQL-to-MSSQL - DBF-to-MySQL supports large .dbf files (4GB+) and dBASE Level 7 format - "Quick Launch" feature for all tools - updated help and UI

v5.3 11/12/2012 - enhanced with DB2-to-MySQL and MySQL-to-DB2 converters - algorithm of fast appeding data to Oracle database in MySQL-to-Oracle - bugfix: correct conversion of MySQL "pure" time values

v5.1 05/07/2012 - enhanced with PostgreSQL-to-MySQL and MySQL-to-PostgreSQL converters - algorithm of fast appeding data to MS SQL database in MySQL-to-MSSQL

v4.3 03/12/2012 - MySQL-to-Access supports MS Access 2010 - MySQL-to-MSSQL and Oracle-to-MySQL can synchronize data and convert views - MySQL-to-Oracle has improved support for user-defined queries

v4.1 02/20/2012 - improved support of queries/views in Access-to-MySQL and MSSQL-to-MySQL - allows to specify SQL Server database directly in MSSQL-to-MySQL (for users with limited privileges)

v3.3 11/07/2011 - option to connect to MySQL server with limited permissions (without listing all databases)

v3.1 07/18/2011 - support for all versions of Linux/Unix/Windows 32- and 64- bit Oracle servers in MySQL-to-Oracle and Oracle-to-MySQL

v2.3 01/12/2011 - Access-to-MySQL and MSSQL-to-MySQL can synchronize MySQL tables with MS Access/MS SQL data and convert queries/views - DBF-to-MySQL supports all DBase encodings

v2.1 08/02/2010 - support for MySQL v6.x - Access-to-MySQL supports Access 2007/2010 format - algorithm of fast appeding data to MySQL database - store conversion settings into profile

v1.5 07/26/2007 - new graphics and installer - "log_file" and "silent" options in command line versions of the tools - option to avoid converting records marked as deleted in DBF-to-MySQL - more accurate conversion of Oracle numbers depending on scale/precision

v1.3 08/29/2005 - enhanced with DBF-to-MySQL and MySQL-to-DBF - improved support for MySQL v4.1 authentication protocol - foreign key support in MSSQL-to-MySQL, MySQL-to-MSSQL, MySQL-to-Oracle and Oracle-to-MySQL v1.1 11/01/2004 - enhanced with MySQL-to-Oracle - command line support is added for all tools

v1.0 10/06/2003 - initial version - includes Access-to-MySQL, Excel-to-MySQL, MSSQL-to-MySQL, MySQL-to-Access, MySQL-to-Excel, MySQL-to-MSSQL, Oracle-to-MySQL