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History of changes for PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit

v4.1 11/25/2019
	- support for PostgreSQL v12
	- new tool DB2-to-PostgreSQL

v3.5 06/24/2019 - ora2pgs: fixed COPY-statement for compound table names - pgs2sql: table customization (option to modify name, type and other attributres of any table column) - sql2pgs: option to specify PostgreSQL schema and improved foreign keys creation

v3.3 06/11/2018 - piecewise writing to PostgreSQL script file (large BLOBs support) - mss2pgs: improved support for def.values for datetime columns + views reorder - pgs2mss: support for views, piecewise writing to T-SQL script - pgs2ora: support for views - slt2pgs: improved type mapping for boolean, decimal, datetime

v3.1 12/11/2017 - new converters Access-to-PostgreSQL, Firebird-to-PostgreSQL and SQLite-to-PostgreSQL have been added - support for Oracle v12.2 and Unicode in ora2pgs and pgs2ora

v2.5 06/19/2017 - support for views in mss2psg, ora2pgs and sql2pgs - option to specify MySQL table type and charset in pgs2sql - change default types mapping NTEXT->NVARCHAR(MAX), TEXT->VARCHAR(MAX), IMAGE->VARBINARY(MAX) in pgs2mss - improved support for Azure in mss2pgs and pgs2mss

v2.3 02/06/2017 - Heroku support - option to export PostgreSQL database into T-SQL script in pgs2mss - option to connect to non-default PostgreSQL database - fix: now() as default value for timestamp columns - filter data via SELECT-queries in pgs2sql release

v2.1 12/23/2016 - improved foreign keys support in pgs2mss, pgs2sql, pgs2ora - new converter pgs2dbf has been added

v1.5 11/29/2016 - improved conversion of TIME type - fix: handles numeric types w/o precision - fix: case-sensitive DB names

v1.3 08/25/2016 - new converter xls2pgs has been added - pgs2sql v2.5 and mss2pgs v1.5.9 - fix: Unicode column names in indexes/PKs/FKs

v1.1 04/25/2016 - improved support for default values and auto_increment support - demo limitation has been extended up to 50 records - no parenthesis in the default installation path - new converter dbf2pgs has been added - improved schema processing

v1.0 03/19/2016 - initial version