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History of changes for PostgreSQL-to-MSSQL

v3.1 07/26/2021
	- support for latest PostgreSQL authentication protocol
	- sequences are migrated now
	- 64-bit version is available
	- improved processing of foreign keys "on delete"/"on update" properties

v2.5 05/18/2020 - improved conversion of datetime and timestamp with time zone - fix for empty BLOBs and uuids

v2.3 06/11/2018 - support for views - piecewise writing to T-SQL script file (large BLOBs support)

v2.1 01/23/2017 - option to export PostgreSQL database into T-SQL script - option to connect to non-default PostgreSQL database - fix: now() as default value for timestamp columns - fix: types mapping for decimal(p,s)

v1.5 04/25/2016 - option to customize field mapping (modify name, type, default values for every column) - support for case sensitive DB names - fix: 2-steps settings of default DB for testing connection to PostgreSQL server - fix: Unicode column names in indexes/PKs/FKs - fix: handles numeric types w/o precision

v1.3 08/04/2015 - option to synchronize MS SQL database with PostgreSQL data - UI and help documentation has been updated - fix: 'suspended queries' issue while creating FKs in MS SQL - fix: database names with spaces - fix: custom PostgreSQL ports v1.1 01/20/2014 - option to filter data using SELECT-queries - storing conversion settings into profile - Quick Launch - building list of available tables has been improved

v1.0 11/18/2013 - initial version