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PDF-to-Text FAQ

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On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions regarding PDF-to-Text product. If your question is not answered here, please contact us via Feedback Form

Does PDF-to-Text require Adobe Acrobat?
No, PDF-to-Text converter does not require Adobe Acrobat.
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Does PDF-to-Text support batch conversion?
Yes, there is console version of the program p2tagent.exe in the installation directory. It supports command line arguments and can be called from any script. For example the following script converts all PDF files from folder "D:\tests\pdfs\*.pdf" into text format:

for /f "tokens=*" %G in ('dir /b /s "D:\tests\pdfs\*.pdf"') do (
        p2tagent.exe --src="%G" --dest="D:\tests\pdfs\%~nG.txt"

Please refer to 'Command line' article of the product documentation for the further information.
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Why some parts of PDF document are replaced by strange characters in plain text output?
Sometimes when fonts are embedded or subset within a PDF, the original font information is lost and the text is corrupted. Although PDF Acrobat or Reader will still display correctly, the correct text information is not available. In these cases PDF-to-Text failed to extract the correct text from your file.
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Can PDF-to-Text extract text from scanned PDF documents?
No, PDF-to-Text converter is able to extract text only if it is stored as text inside PDF document. The program does not perform optical character recognition (OCR) procedure on scanned PDF documents. You can use PDF-to-Text OCR to extract text from scanned PDF documents.
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Why some symbols are replaced by asterisks (*) in demo version of PDF-to-Text
Demo version of PDF-to-Text replaces random characters in the destination document with asterisks (*). This limitation will not appear in full (paid) version of the converter.
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How to uninstall PDF-to-Text converter?
If you need to remove PDF-to-Text product from your computer, you can use "Add or Remove Programs" option in the Windows Control Panel. If this option is not available for some reason, you can call uninstall procedure running the following command line from the installation folder:

UNWISE.EXE pdf2txt.log

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