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History of changes for OraDump Export Kit

v7.1 06/17/2019
	- support for Oracle 18c data pump signature
	- support for BINARY_FLOAT, BINARY_DOUBLE types
	- convert NUMBER(*,0) into BIGINT

v6.5 06/11/2018 - piecewise writing (big data support) in ord2mss, ord2pgs and ord2sql - option to synchronize existing database with data from Oracle dump file in ord2mss, ord2pgs and ord2sql - support for Oracle 12c data pump signature - option "NUMBER w/o precision -> bigint" in ord2mss, ord2pgs and ord2sql" - option to specify MySQL charset and engine in ord2sql - option to export into PostgreSQL script in ord2pgs - fix: decimal values

v6.3 10/19/2016 - dump file context serialization - support for SQLT_NCO - improved support for TIMESTAMP(6) type - default values for export into T-SQL in ord2mss - option to specify schema and full replication mode in ord2mss - bugfixes (skip service/internal fields, shifted columns)

v6.1 05/30/2016 - improved algorithm of processing multi-part BLOBs in data pump format - support for array of user-defined types (type code = 123) - improved support for sdo_geometry - fix: short numbers extraction via double

v5.5 05/31/2015 - ord2mss - with export into T-SQL script file and custom types mapping - ord2xls - with xlsx support - support for Oracle 12c EXPDP parallel export dumps in all products

v5.3 08/14/2015 - fix: rounding for double values - ordmerge with support for Oracle 12c EXPDP parallel export dumps

v5.1 03/31/2014 - enhanced by OraDump-to-Oracle tool - support for encrypted dump files

v4.5 03/18/2013 - enhanced by OraDump-to-PostgreSQL tool - Quick Launch" feature for each converter

v4.3 08/27/2012 - new installer with digital signature - bugfix: reading through 0x?FFFFFFF position - bugfix: reading data splitted into several partitions

v4.1 01/30/2012 - bugfix: correct support of FLOAT(126) type - bugfix: correct processing of LONGs splitted in serveral chunks - bugfix: correct processing for shifted fields (in INSERT query)

v3.5 10/17/2011 - minor bugfixes

v3.3 04/28/2011 - better support for v2.1 of data pump format - updated ordmerge

v3.1 04/23/2010 - improved support for "expdp" format - support for MySQL v6.x in ord2sql

v1.5 01/31/2010 - "skip bytes in field size" algorithm has been implemented - "expdp" format support

v1.3 05/29/2009 - improved support for LONG and LONG RAW types - store conversion settings into profile - CLOB support

v1.1 01/24/2009 - large files (more than 4GB) are supported - imrpoved support for v7.x files - Unicode support

v1.0 09/29/2008 - initial version