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History of changes for Oracle-to-Access

v5.1 02/13/2023
	- validation of privileges on source database and target filesystem
	- spatial data is converted into TEXT (WKT format)

v4.5 03/16/2020 - 64-bit version is available

v4.3 10/16/2017 - support for Oracle v12.2 - improved Unicode support

v4.1 09/11/2016 - no parenthesis in the default installation path - bugfix: TIMESTAMP(3) support - bugfix: processing BLOBs in to_mysql_wstr has been fixed

v3.5 10/26/2015 - support for Oracle 12c - improved handling of possible conversion errors

v3.3 03/16/2015 - improved support for non-ANSI types (SDO_GEOMETRY, XMLTYPE, etc)

v3.1 08/19/2013 - validate installation folder according to Oracle requirements - support for MS Access 2010 - quick launch - updated help - updated installer

v2.5 07/25/2011 - connect to both 32- and 64- bit Oracle server - Oracle components installation is not required any more - "User-level security" page has been updated - bugfix: copying error messages into Clipboard

v2.3 11/24/2010 - store conversion settings into profile - filtering data to convert using SELECT-queries - support Unicode - updated help - updated installer

v2.1 04/08/2007 - direct connection to Oracle server (via IP address) - more accurate conversion of Oracle numbers depending on scale/precision - "log_file" and "silent" options in command line version - bugfix: correct conversion of binary columns - bugfix: correct processing defalut values for date columns v1.5 09/16/2005 - new error handling algorithm - updated installer - new GUI

v1.3 01/27/2005 - add both DAO 3.5 and 3.6 support libraries into installer - option to select format of the destination MS Access database - new command line parameter "tab_file" v1.1 11/21/2004 - command line version - option to convert individual tables - option of merging data into an existing MS Access database - bugfix: check for oci.dll

v1.0 10/04/2004 - initial version