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History of changes for MSSQL Migration Toolkit

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v7.1 03/15/2021
	- MSSQL-to-PostgreSQL: support for latest PostgreSQL authentication protocol, sequences are migrated now
	- MySQL-to-MSSQL: improved support for Unicode
	- 64-bit version is available

v6.5 09/28/2020 - Access-to-MSSQL: MS Access is not required anymore - SQL Server to PostgreSQL converter: option to create PostgreSQL tables logged/unlogged - SQL Server to PostgreSQL converter: option to switch between INSERT/COPY when writing into PostgreSQL database - SQLite-to-MSSQL: option to export data into T-SQL script file

v6.3 04/22/2019 - new tool DB2-to-MSSQL is included - conversion of NVARCHAR(4000) is fixed in MSSQL-to-Oracle - minor fixes in MSSQL-to-PostgreSQL - support for 4Gb+ rows in Oracle-to-MSSQL

v6.1 06/11/2018 - piecewise writing for BLOBs in T-SQL script - workaround for MySQL 8.0 password hashing in mss2sql and sql2mss - new product: slt2mss - support Oracle 12.2 in ora2mss and mss2ora - improved FKs and def.values for datetime columns in acc2mss - dbf2mss v2.5 with all fixes

v5.5 06/19/2017 - improved support for Azure SQL - support for views in mss2pgs and ora2mss - use VARCHAR(MAX) and VARBINARY(MAX) instead of TEXT and IMAGE in all ...2mss tools - option to connect to non-default PGS database in mss2pgs and pgs2mss - synchronization and user defined log-file in GUI version in ora2mss - option to export PostgreSQL database into T-SQL script in pgs2mss - user-defined log file in GUI version and support for date_format() function in sql2mss

v5.3 11/21/2016 - increased performance of conversion in mss2ora - options to customize types mapping and to export into PostgreSQL script in mss2pgs - XML type support and fix for T-SQL output in Oracle-to-MSSQL - fix for Unicode column names in indexes/PKs/FKs and case sensitive names support in pgs2mss - support for curdate() and curtime() for views in MySQL-to-MSSQL - options to customize types mapping in Excel-to-MSSQL

v5.1 03/20/2016 - custom type mapping in xls2mss, mss2sql, mss2ora, sql2mss - smart schemas support in SQL Server to PostgreSQL converter - option to export into T-SQL script in acc2mss, dbf2mss, ora2mss, sql2mss - xmltype support (via CLOB/TEXT type) in ora2mss - support for MS Excel 2007/2010 in mss2xls - copyright 2016, updated UI v4.5 09/14/2015 - option to export into T-SQL script and writing into log file from GUI in ora2mss - support for XMLTYPE and full replication mode in SQL Server to PostgreSQL converter

v4.3 04/21/2015 - mss2ora and ora2mss have been build with new version of OCI that supports Oracle 11x and 12c - option to export MySQL data into T-SQL script file in sql2mss - improved support of XMLTYPE, SDO_GEOMETRY types in ora2mss - synchronization in SQL Server to PostgreSQL converter v4.1 02/05/2014 - alternate option of building SQL Server table list for users with low permissions - demo limitation has been extended up to 50 records - option to filter data via SELECT-queries and storing conversion settings into profile in SQL Server to PostgreSQL converter - updated help and UI v3.5 11/25/2013 - MSSQL-to-PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL-to-MSSQL converters are included - support for Azure SQL

v3.3 04/08/2013 - support for large files (4GB+) and DBase version 7 in dbf2mss - improved support for foreign keys in sql2mss

v3.1 09/29/2012 - support for Microsoft Access 2010 in acc2mss and mss2acc - support for views in mss2sql, ora2mss and sql2mss - synchronization in mss2sql and sql2mss v2.5 02/12/2011 - mss2ora and ora2mss connect to both 32- and 64- bit Oracle server - Oracle components installation is not required any more v2.3 10/24/2010 - algorithm of fast appeding data to MS SQL database - "connect as DBO" option - support for MySQL v6.x

v2.1 08/02/2009 - store conversion settings into profile - filtering data to convert using SELECT-queries - support Unicode

v1.5 11/20/2007 - more accurate conversion of Oracle numbers depending on scale/precision in ora2mss - "log_file" and "silent" options in command line version - support custom ports for MS SQL server v1.3 03/16/2006 - rounding milliseconds and proper conversion for GUIDs in mss2acc - fix: default values enclosed in quotes v1.1 07/26/2005 - acc2mss v2.1 - mss2acc v2.1 - mss2ora v1.3 - mss2sql v3.3 - mss2xls v1.5 - ora2mss v1.5 - sql2mss v3.3 - xls2mss v1.3

v1.0 02/08/2005 - initial version