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History of changes for MSSQL-to-Excel

v4.5 09/11/2016
	- support for Excel 2007/2010 
	- new UI

v4.3 02/03/2014 - alternative way of building table list has been fixed (for users having low privileges)

v4.1 08/26/2013 - support for Azure SQL - quick launch

v3.5 04/09/2012 - option to specify MS SQL database directly (when there's no privileges to list all DBs) - new installer with digital signature and bye.dll in demo version

v3.3 07/28/2010 - updated help - updated installer

v3.1 07/29/2009 - support Unicode - store conversion settings into profile - filtering data to convert using SELECT-queries

v2.3 03/21/2007 - support custom ports for MS SQL server

v2.1 04/08/2006 - "log_file" and "silent" options in command line version

v1.5 11/14/2005 - new GUI - updated installer - new error handling algorithm - bugfix: correct conversion of "pure" time - bugfix: correct processing MS SQL dates with miliseconds precion

v1.3 11/17/2003 - new command line parameter "tab_file" - split data into multiple MS Excel files if necessary - bugfix: correct processing BIGINT values

v1.1 09/15/2003 - command line version - option to convert individual tables

v1.0 07/25/2003 - initial version