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History of Changes for SQL Server to MySQL Converter

v8.3 02/12/2024
	- support for MySQL v8.2+ authentication protocol

v8.1 05/16/2022 - improved support for Azure SQL - option to specify SQL Server schema

v7.5 09/27/2021 - intelligent handling MySQL maximum row size 65,535 bytes limit - validation of privileges on source and target databases - enhanced progress information

v7.3 02/05/2020 - 64-bit version is available, 32-bit version is not updated anymore - support for recent MySQL authentication protocol - minor fix in 'converting into MySQL script file' scenario v7.1 06/11/2018 - improved support for big data (piecewise writing) - option to reorder views to preserve dependencies - workaround for MySQL 8.x password hashing

v6.5.3 09/17/2017 - fix: handling long FK names (>64 symbols) - fix: storing tables as x.y instead of [x].[y] in profile

v6.5.1 03/10/2017 - demo limitation is extended up to 50 records per table - updated UI

v6.5 04/18/2016 - verified compatibility with MariaDB and Percona - improve support for XML type - option to specify MySQL table type - option to specify MySQL charset

v6.3 07/22/2013 - support for Azure SQL

v6.1 05/20/2013 - option to customize field mapping (modify name, type, default values for every column) - updated help

v5.5 05/14/2012 - digital certificate has been updated - improved support for mapped table names in create view queries - bugfix: hadnle 'TOP 100 PERCENT' in create view queries

v5.3 02/20/2012 - allows to specify MS SQL database directly (for users with limited privileges) - improved support for views

v5.1 11/14/2011 - synchronization of existing MySQL tables with MS SQL data - quick launch - convert MS SQL views into MySQL

v4.3 07/28/2010 - support for MySQL v6.x - "connect as DBO" option - updated help - updated installer

v4.1 03/10/2008 - support Unicode - store conversion settings into profile - filtering data to convert using SELECT-queries

v3.5 09/02/2006 - foreign keys support - support custom ports for MS SQL server - "log_file" and "silent" options in command line version

v3.3 05/19/2005 - new GUI - new MySQL authentication protocol is supported - bugfix: distinguish empty strings and NULL values - bugfix: correct handling long names ( > 64 symbols )

v3.1 01/18/2005 - updated installer - MySQL dump file formatting options - bugfix: default values enclosed in quotes v2.5 04/09/2004 - intelligent error handling - option to convert MS SQL data into local MySQL dump file - bugfix: correct conversion of "pure" time - bugfix: correct processing decimal fields

v2.3 08/30/2003 - new command line parameter "tab_file" - bugfix: correct processing binary fields - bugfix: correct processing BIGINT values

v2.1 06/20/2003 - command line version - option of merging data into an existing MS SQL database

v1.5 05/16/2003 - bugfix: allows NULLs for non-unique indexes - bugfix: correct processing MS SQL dates with miliseconds precion

v1.3 12/09/2002 - bugfix: correct conversion of empty datetime values

v1.1 08/01/2002 - bugfix: connecting to remote MS SQL server - bugfix: correct conversion of bit fields - bugfix: correct conversion of datetime default values

v1.0.3 07/30/2002 - support MS SQL 7.0 - bugfix: correct support of "auto_number" property

v1.0.1 07/01/2002 - bugfix: correct conversion of fields larger than 255 bytes - "convert table definitions only" option - "skip converting indexes" option

v1.0 04/29/2002 - initial version