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Step 4 of 5. Conversion Settings

On this wizard screen you can customize the conversion process using the following settings:

  • MySQL character set - tune this parameter to set up correct encoding of text values in the database. Please refer to MySQL documentation to better understand the concept of character sets and collations.
  • MySQL engine type - storage engine determines basic characteristics of handling tables such as storage limits, transaction-safe, locking granularity, etc. Each of them has its own cons and pros. Please refer to MySQL documentation for the further information.

When converting from MS Excel spreadsheet (*.xls) file you can also specify two conversion settings on this page:

  • Extract MySQL field names from the first row - select this checkbox to extract MySQL field names from the first row of each worksheet. Otherwise, Excel-to-MySQL generates field names as F<field number> (e.g. F1, F2, F32, etc).

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