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Export from CSV files

Besides converting MS Excel spreadsheet into MySQL directly, the program can export Comma Separated Values (CSV) files into MySQL tables. This option was designed to allow users to import MS Excel workbooks that cannot be converted to MySQL databases directly. In this approach you should export your MS Excel spreadsheet (or its certain worksheets) into CSV format. Then run Excel-to-MySQL and select the appropriate data source type on the first wizard screen. If you specify the name of existing MySQL database, CSV file will be imported as a new table in the database. If MySQL database with the specified name doesn't exist, new database will be created.

CSV file is a sequence of "fields" separated by a certain delimiter symbol (e.g. comma, semicolon, etc). You can export any single worksheet into CSV file via MS Excel using the following steps:

You can customize the way Excel-to-MySQL interprets your CSV files. See CSV Formatting Settings article for related information.