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Troubleshooting SQLite to SQL Server Converter

While working with SQLite to SQL Server converter you may encounter unexpected behavior or result. Use the following information to solve some common problems and get the result you want. This summary is organized as a list of problem-resolution pairs. Each problem description starts with "P:" and each resolution - with "R:".

P: Error message "The specified table already exists"
R: When you specify MS SQL user from 'administrator' group (but not 'dbo'), MS SQL opens each table as [dbo].[table name]. By default SQLite to SQL Server opens all tables as [<user name>].[<table name>]. To resolve the problem select 'Connect as database owner' checkbox on 'Connect to MS SQL server' wizard page. Please note that the specified user must have enough privileges to write into the destination MS SQL database. Otherwise, the option will not take effect.

P: Some table names and/or field names in the resulting MS SQL database differ from the original.
R: SQLite and MS SQL accept different sets of characters for table names and field names. When SQLite to SQL Server converter processes a name containing prohibited characters it replaces them with '_' in the destination database.

P: Error message "The statement has been terminated".
R: This generic error is most probably caused by either of two reasons: conflict in primary key/unique index or insufficient database storage. To check 1st hypothesis, select "Skip converting indexes" checkbox on "Step 2 of 4" wizard page. If the problem is gone away, pay attention to the data that is part of primary key/unique index. If you're not sure about how to proceed, please contact us.

Otherwise, expand the database storage as follows. In SQL Server Management Studio:

In T-SQL use the following statement:

ALTER DATABASE <database name> 
    (NAME = <storage file>,
    SIZE = <new size>MB);

Please contact us if the error persists.

P: I cannot uninstall SQLite to SQL Server converter.
R: If you need to remove SQLite to SQL Server converter from your computer, you can use "Add or Remove Programs" option in the Windows Control Panel.

If you came across some other kind of problem while using SQLite to SQL Server converter, please contact us