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How to convert PostgreSQL database to SQL Server

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Microsoft SQL is one of the world's most popular database management systems with user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and use. However, it has certain disadvantages such as high cost of ownership for large databases and strict licensing policy. These facts may lead some users to the need of shifting from MS SQL to another DBMS.

PostgreSQL to SQL Server Migration Steps

Here is the sequence of steps to migrate database from PostgreSQL to Microsoft SQL:

The most important part of database migration is to handle properly all differences between PostgreSQL and SQL Server before importing scripts into the target database:

Automate PostgreSQL to SQL Server Migration

As you may see, database migration from PostgreSQL to Microsoft SQL is not a trivial task. Manual conversion requires handlng all differences between two DBMS that becomes extremely slow for large and complicated databases. It is reasonable to use special tools automating database migration from PostgreSQL to MS SQL with just a few clicks of mouse button. Intelligent Converters offer one of such solutions - SQL Server to PostgreSQL conversion tool.