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How to Connect to Azure PostgreSQL

This article described how to connect to Azure PostgreSQL from Intelligent Converters products. First, you should make sure that your IP address in the list of allowed IPs:

  1. open the Dashboard and click on the server name you want to configure
  2. click on "Connection security" link in section "Settings" of the menu
  3. click on "Add current client IP address" link and make sure that the control "Allow access to Azure services" is "Yes"

Now it's time to get the name of Azure PostgreSQL Server:

  1. go back to Dashboard and click on database server you want to use
  2. locate "Server name" item, in our example it is "" (see the item marked red on the screenshot below)

If Azure PostgreSQL Server has parameter "Enforce SSL connection" enabled, you have to specify certificate 'BaltimoreCyberTrustRoot.crt' from the installation folder of the product in "SSL Settings" dialog box. It is accessed by clicking "Advanced..." button on "Connect to PostgreSQL Server" wizard page.

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