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Step 4 of 6. Conversion Settings

This wizard page is designed to enter MySQL database name or path to a dump file (depending on which conversion scenario you choose). If the name of existing MySQL database or dump file is specified it will be overwritten. Also, the following settings of Oracle to MySQL converter can be specified here:

  • Convert table definitions only - select this checkbox to convert only table definitions of Oracle database. All the data will not be migrated.
  • Skip converting indexes - select this checkbox if you don't want to convert indexes
  • Make all strings case sensitive - select this checkbox to make CHAR and VARCHAR fields sorted and compared in case-sensitive fashion. You can also try this option to bypass "Duplicate field values being used for an unique index were found..." error.
  • View tables owned by the user - by default the program lists all tables found in the database (table names look like SCHEMA.TABLE). Select this checkbox to work with tables owned by the specified Oracle user only (do not append schema to table name).

The sufficient privileges to create new database on MySQL server are required. Otherwise, it is possible to import Oracle database contents into an existing MySQL database. See Virtual Server User Notes for related information.

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