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Edit Table

This feature allows to rename table or customize name, types and other attributes of every column as well as exclude certain columns from conversion. SQL Server to PostgreSQL converter maps SQL Server types into the most appropriate PostgreSQL equivalents. However, sometimes it may be required to implement custom types mapping.

To customize migration of particular SQL Server or Azure SQL table, double-click on the appropriate item in selected tables listbox of "Select Tables" wizard page. Then dialog box appears that allows to specify table name, type and default value for every field using "Field info" group of controls. Also it is possible to exclude columns from conversion result by unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

Note: listview on the left of "Edit Table" dialog window contains column attributes for the original SQL Server table, new types and attributes will be displayed in "Field info" controls when the corresponding item is highlighted in the listview.

Warning: inaccurate modification of table structure may break the database integrity (for example, loosing indexes or foreign keys). Users should be very careful with "Edit Table" feature.