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Why migrate Microsoft Access databases to MySQL?

1. Performance. According to many benchmarks MySQL shows much better performances than Microsoft Access. This is the reason why MySQL is used by the world's famous organizations that demand high performance and stability: Alibaba, Facebook, NASA, Netflix, Nokia, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube and many others.

2. Cross-Platforming. One of the most advantages of MySQL is its cross-platform capabilities. You can develop your database on a Windows laptop and then deploy on Windows or Linux server. It gives you incredible flexibility when choosing server platform.

3. Multiple users access. Microsoft Access supports data sharing but it has not enough power to handle many simultaneous users. This application has been designed as data manager for local use and that is what it is good for. MySQL is a real client-server database environment that can handle many simultaneous connections.

4. Security. Although Microsoft Access provides some capabilities to protect the data, they are optional and it is easy to bypass them. MySQL provides strong security system and anyone willing to access the data must know MySQL user name and password.

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