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Troubleshooting Access to SQL Server Converter

While working with Access to SQL Server wizard you may encounter unexpected behavior or result. Use the following information to solve some common problems and get the result you want. This summary is organized as a list of problem-resolution pairs. Each problem description starts with "P:" and each resolution - with "R:".

P: Error message "Cannot recognize MS Access database format"
R: The first reason of this error is that soure file is not a valid MS Access database. The second reason could be missing appropriate Microsoft Data Access (DAO) libraries on the system to read the database. In this situation it is recommended to install Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime as it contains correct version of DAO libraries:

NOTE: it must be 32-bit installation pack, even if your system is 64-bit. If the error persists, please contact Intelligent Converters support service at
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P: In the resulting MS SQL database all MS Access hyperlink fields appear as strings that look like some_text#some_other_text#.
R: MS SQL has no data type similar to hyperlink. That's why the only way to save the entire information is to import it into plain text. Access-to-MSSQL converts each hyperlink field into MS SQL TEXT field formatted as <URL name>#<URL address>#.
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P: Error message "The specified record violates the integrity constraints..."
R: This error means that an attempt has been made to insert a record with a duplicate unique key. When migrating MS Access data into a new MS SQL database, you can either edit source database in order to resolve the conflict manually or restart the program with "Skip converting indexes" checkbox selected. When appending MS Access data to an existing MS SQL database, you should remove the conflicting unique index in the destination MS SQL database.
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P: The program does not convert default values for MS Access MEMO fields.
R: Access-to-MSSQL converts MEMO fields into MS SQL TEXT type as the most appropriate on a range of acceptable values. TEXT and BLOB fields cannot have default values.
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P: Foreign key are missing in MS SQL database created by demo version of Access to SQL Server converter.
R: Demo version of Access to SQL Server converter does not convert foreign key constraints. This limitation will not appear in full version of the product.
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P: Error message "CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'"
R: This error means that you do not have sufficient permissions to create databases on destination MS SQL server. To fix it you need to login with administrator's privileges and run the following statement:
If you cannot login with administrator's privileges, ask your database administrator to do this for you.
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P: Some empty fields have appeared in the resulting MS SQL database with nonempty values.
R: Unlike MS SQL, MS Access allows the fields declared as NOT NULL to have empty value. To prevent conflicts during the conversion process Access-to-MSSQL assigns the default value to each of those fields.
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P: Demo version of Access to SQL Server converter processes not more than 50 records per table.
R: This is limitation of demo version, it will not appear in full version of Access to SQL Server converter.
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If you came across some other kind of problem while using Access to SQL Server converter, please contact us