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History of changes for Oracle Migration Toolkit

v5.1 06/11/2018
	- improved support for def.values for date/time columns and relationships between tables in Access-to-Oracle
	- improved reading int/float values in DBF-to-Oracle
	- option to synchronize existing Oracle tables with MS SQL data in MSSQL-to-Oracle
	- piecewise writing to T-SQL script (big data support) in Oracle-to-MSSQL
	- support for views and option to synchronize existing Oracle tables with PostgreSQL data in PostgreSQL-to-Oracle

v4.5 10/12/2017 - support for Oracle 12.2

v4.3 05/21/2017 - MySQL-to-Oracle: convert views, extended progress information - Oracle-to-MSSQL: convert views, option to synchronize databases - Oracle-to-MySQL: option to specify MySQL charset and engine type - Oracle-to-PostgreSQL: connect to non-default PostgreSQL database and option to export into script file - improved Unicode support in all products

v4.1 09/11/2016 - XML type support in MSSQL-to-Oracle - fix: datetime with fraction in Oracle-to-MSSQL - improved schema support in Oracle-to-PostgreSQL (use exising/create new/full replication) - fix: case-sensitive DB names, default values, auto_increment property in PostgreSQL-to-Oracle - fix: spaces in table/column names in Oracle-to-Excel

v3.5 02/22/2016 - support for Oracle 12c - custom types mapping in DBF-to-Oracle and Excel-to-Oracle converters - enhanced with Oracle-to-PostgreSQL - improved support for XMLTYPE and SDO_GEOMETRY types

v3.3 09/02/2013 - support for Azure SQL in Oracle-to-MSSQL and MSSQL-to-Oracle - improved support for views in Oracle-to-MySQL - 'Quick Launch' in Excel-to-Oracle, Oracle-to-Excel and Oracle-to-Access

v3.1 03/11/2013 - support for Microsoft Access 2010 in Oracle-to-Access - Oracle-to-MSSQL can convert Oracle views into MS SQL format - enhanced with PostgreSQL-to-Oracle

v2.5 10/08/2012 - Oracle components installation is not required any more - synchronization of existing Oracle tables with MS Access data in Access-to-Oracle - new installer checks for '(',')' in the installation path - digital certificate

v2.3 02/27/2012 - Oracle-to-MySQL can synchronize MySQL tables with Oracle data and convert views - Access-to-Oracle has better support of Unicode in MEMOs fields - filtering data to convert using SELECT-queries - bye.dll in demo version

v2.1 07/27/2011 - support for all 32- and 64- bit Windows and Linux/Unix Oracle servers - algorithm of fast appeding data to MS SQL database in Oracle-to-MSSQL - 'Quick Launch' in DBF-to-Oracle and Oracle-to-DBF - minor bugfixes

v1.5 04/13/2009 - direct connection to Oracle server (via IP address) - store conversion settings into profile - support for Access 2007 and Unicode in Access-to-Oracle and Oracle-to-Access

v1.3 07/23/2007 - support custom ports for MS SQL server in Oracle-to-MSSQL and MSSQL-to-Oracle - more accurate conversion of Oracle numbers depending on scale/precision - enhanced with DBF-to-Oracle and Oracle-to-DBF

v1.1 09/18/2006 - foreign keys support in all tools - "auto increment" property is supported via Oracle sequences - "log_file" and "silent" options in command line version

v1.0 06/05/2006 - initial version