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History of Changes for SQL Server to PostgreSQL Converter

v6.3 08/14/2023
	- improved migration of identity properties
	- fix: indexes built on binary columns

v6.1 01/17/2022 - option to select source and target schema - SSL connection for PostgreSQL is supported - verified support for Azure PostgreSQL and Azure SQL

v5.5 11/22/2021 - spatial data (geography and geometry) is migrated - check write permission for log and script files

v5.3 10/26/2020 - support for latest PostgreSQL authentication protocol - sequences are migrated now - 64-bit version is available

v5.1 05/18/2020 - option to create PostgreSQL tables logged/unlogged - option to switch between INSERT/COPY when writing into PostgreSQL database

v4.5 11/18/2019 - improved support for PostgreSQL v12 - fix: wrong column order in multi-column indexes

v4.3 07/01/2019 - option to specify PostgreSQL encoding

v4.1 04/22/2019 - error 'zero-length delimited identifier' has been fixed in foreign keys statements - statement SELECT (datediff_day($1, $2) * 24 + date_part('hour', $2 ... has been fixed in 'functions for views'

v3.5 01/21/2019 - duplicate "dbo" prefix fixed in foreign keys and views (full replication mode) - distinguish '' and NULLs in demo version - 'bad allocation' error has been fixed

v3.3 10/01/2018 - non-default schema is fixed for foreign keys and views - improved uuids processing

v3.1 06/11/2018 - piecewise writing to PostgreSQL script file (big data support) - improved support for def.values for datetime columns - option to reorder views to preserve dependencies

v2.5 05/29/2017 - convert SQL Server views into PostgreSQL format v2.3 01/23/2017 - improved support for Azure SQL (indexes, FKs) - processing for getdate as default values - option to connect non-default PostgreSQL database - verified support for Heroku

v2.1 09/19/2016 - option to export database into a script file - option to customize field mapping (modify name, type, default values for every column) v1.5 12/18/2015 - improved conversion of Microsoft SQL XML types - extended progress information - improved schema support (full replication mode) - fix: 2-steps settings of default DB for testing connection to PostgreSQL server

v1.3 04/21/2015 - option to synchronize PostgreSQL database with SQL Server data - UI and help documentation has been updated - fix: 'make case sensitive' option - custom port fix v1.1 02/10/2014 - option to filter data using SELECT-queries - storing conversion settings into profile - Quick Launch - building list of available tables has been improved

v1.0 10/21/2013 - initial version