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Step 2 of 6. Connect to Oracle Server

This page allows specifying the necessary settings to establish connection with Oracle server:
  • Server - IP address or network name of Oracle server. If Oracle to MySQL converter has been installed on the server machine, "" or "localhost" can be specified in this box.
  • Database name - enter the same title that is used by SQLPlus or any other standard Oracle tools to point the database.
  • Port - port for connecting to Oracle. It must be specified only when the value differs from the default value 1521.
  • Username - Oracle user name
  • Password - Oracle user password

Oracle to MySQL migration tool provides two methods of connecting to Oracle server: direct and via TNSNAME.ORA entry. To use the first method enter information in all fields except the port if it is configured by default (1521). The second method requires leaving both "Server" and "Port" fields empty and enter Oracle service name as it appears in TNSNAME.ORA file in "Database" field.

Sometime user may get the following error: "Oracle data source doesn not exist. Check to verify correct name was given." despite of the fact that all Oracle connection settings have been specified properly. It means the converter failed to conect to Oracle server using TNSNAME.ORA. To bypass the error leave both "Server" and "Port" fields empty and enter in "Database" field the connection string as follows:


Of course, it is required to replace "IP address of Oracle server" and "the port" by actual values.

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