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Oracle to PostgreSQL converter implements synchronization as combination of insert Oracle records that are missing in PostgreSQL table and update existing PostgreSQL records with Oracle data. For synchronization purpose source and destination tables must have identical structures and have primary key or unique index defined.

Assume both Oracle and PostgreSQL databases have table "People" defined as below:

        ID Integer NOT NULL, 
        FName Varchar2(50),
        LName Varchar2(50), 
        EMail Varchar2(50), 
        Primary Key (ID)

This table has the following contents in Oracle database:

2  Andrew  White
3  Phil  Johnson

In PostgreSQL database:

1  John  Smith
2  Andew  White

After migrating Oracle data to PostgreSQL in "Synchronize" mode Oracle table is kept untouched and PostgreSQL table is modified as (pay attention to the cell marked red):

1  John  Smith
2  Andew  White
3  Phil  Johnson