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Step 3 of 7. Connect to PostgreSQL Server

This wizard screen collects information to connect to PostgreSQL server. Oracle to PostgreSQL converter is able to connect to local or remote target server. Local mode allows to connect PostgreSQL server launched on the same machine where the application is running. Remote mode is designed to connect to PostgreSQL server launched on another computer.

By default the program uses local connection mode. It is indicated by radio button "Local" selected. To establish remote connection you should select "Remote" radio button. For remote PostgreSQL servers you should also specify the host and the port to connect through. Host could be either network name or IP address. TCP/IP port value is necessary only if it differs from the default PostgreSQL port number 5432. Otherwise you may leave this field as is.

Enter user name and password or leave these fields blank for anonymous connection. To use an existing PostgreSQL database, specify it on this page.

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