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Step 4 of 6. Select Databases

On this wizard page Microsoft SQL or Azure SQL database and PostgreSQL database or script file must be specified. Drop down the combo box to see all available MS SQL databases. This feature requires the appropriate permissions and does not work for Azure SQL.

Existing PostgreSQL database can be processed as follows:

  • Overwrite the entire database
  • Overwrite existing tables only
  • Skip existing tables
  • Merge
  • Synchronize

Existing PostgreSQL script file will be overwritten. Also, there are conversion settings to customize:

  • Convert table definitions only - select this checkbox to convert only table definitions of MS SQL database. All the data will not be migrated.
  • Skip converting indexes - select this checkbox if you don't want to convert indexes
  • Make names case sensitive - select this checkbox to make table and column names case sensitive. Such names must be enclosed in quotes when composing query.
  • View tables owned by the user - by default the program lists all tables found in the database specified. Select this checkbox to work with tables owned by the specified MS SQL user only.

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