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While working with DB2 to MySQL converter you may encounter unexpected behavior or result. Use the following information to solve some common problems and get the correct conversion results. This summary is organized as list of problem-resolution pairs. Each problem description starts with "P:" and each resolution - with "R:".

P: The application failed to start because DB2CLI.dll was not found.
R: DB2CLI.DLL is a part of DB2 server or client components that is required for using DB2 to MySQL converter. Check that you have DB2 client or server components installed on the same machine where you run the application from. Also please make sure that the path to DB2 components folder is in $PATH system variable.

P: Error message "The program does not support authentication protocol requested by server..."
R: Some versions of MySQL use the authentication protocol based on a password hashing algorithm that is not supported by DB2 to MySQL converter.

For MySQL 8.0.x login to the server with administrator and run the following statement:

ALTER USER 'username'@'mysqlhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'user-password';

For MySQL 4.1.0 use OLD_PASSWORD function to make the certain account compatible with DB2 to MySQL converter. Login to MySQL server with administrator privileges and run the following queries:

    mysql> USE mysql;
    mysql> UPDATE user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD('some-password')
        -> WHERE Host = 'some-host' AND User = 'some-user';

Of course, all text in quotes must be replaced by the actual values.

P: Error message "Can't connect to MySQL server on <host name or IP>".
R: Make sure MySQL server is launched on the target machine. Also please check the port number field to verify that you have specified the correct number.

P: Error message "Access denied for user: <user-name>"
R: You will not be able to connect to the target MySQL server until you have the appropriate permissions. Ask your MySQL server administrator to give you sufficient permissions to create new databases on the target MySQL server.

P: Error message "Access denied for user: <user name> to database <database>"
R: If the destination database already exists, you should have necessary privileges to add/remove tables. If the destination database doesn't exist, you should have sufficient privileges to create new databases on the target MySQL server.

If you came across some other kind of problem while using DB2 to MySQL converter, please contact us